SISCO E-learning Services

Being a key player in e-learning and online education, SISCO provides a wide range of e- learning solutions that meets the diversity of our client educational needs and capacities; ranging from developing fully-customized interactive learning management systems (e- learning platforms) for academic institutions, to hosting training courses in SISCO e-learning platform.

We enable our customers to provide an array of specialized online-based training, continuous education, and advanced professional learning opportunities that improves skill sets, professional knowledge, competency, and overall effectiveness in the professional world.

SISCO supports its customers in mastering the creation of professional online education programs aligned with needs and demands of the target audience, equipping employees/ candidates with key competencies they need to stay motivated, globally competitive and always ready for the next step in their career path.


Interactive E-learning Platform

SISCO E-learning platform is designed
to be a user-friendly and interactive platform equipped with powerful and
flexible user-centered tools and interactive learning environment that allows
smooth learning experience for both teachers and learners.

Your courses under the spot light

SISCO has been putting extra effort on designing a fashionable and user-friendly E- learning platform in order to present your course in an efficient and interactive way to your students and trainees


Access your online course from anywhere in the world across different web browsers and devices, including PCs, Laptops, Mobile devices, and Tablets.

Maximum Security

SISCO E-learning platform is equipped
with maximum cyber security and safeguarding protocols for data, user privacy
and security control which provide protection against unauthorized access, data
loss, and misuse.

Study from anywhere at anytime

Since everything is available online,
accessing course materials and submitting course work is very convenient.
Exactly when and where this takes place is up to students, as long as course
work due dates are met.

Easy online registration

SISCO offers beautiful and intuitive
online registration forms that help ease the registration process

Help Desk

We care about users’
experiences during their learning process. That is why help desk services are
available to our customers on a 24/7 basis.

Technical Support

SISCO technical team
is ready to provide on- demand technical support and training for our clients
in using SISCO e-learning platform