SISCO provides USB copy-protection solutions that aims to create a secure solution to protect Content Owner information through a stand-alone, off line, environment.

SISCO offers Copy Secure flash drives with both hardware and software copy protection and encryption technology. Our definition of copy protection is the ability for someone to see the files, yet cannot save, print or share those files. Our copy-protected USB drives allows you to protect your Intellectual Property from illegal copying, duplication or redistribution.

The Copy Secure flash drive is a stand-alone solution that does not require an internet connection or authentication from some off-site server. Everything runs 100% from the flash drive itself. There is no software to install to see the files, no Administrator rights required, just plug in the drive and access the content.

SISCO is the only company in Sudan which offers true USB Copy Protection, not password protected encryption, which is what nearly every other company is offering.

Schools, corporations, government agencies, graphic designers, artists, movie producers and production agencies all could benefit from our Copy Secure flash drives.

Copy Protected USB Drives Features

Cannot Copy Files
Working files cannot be copied off the drive. The content can viewed, but it cannot copied or shared.

Users cannot select content for one document and to copy-n-pastes. Ideal for blocking “select all” copy and paste from within a PDF.
Cannot Delete Files 

Data and files cannot be deleted off the drive or formatted off the drive. All content is locked at the controller level.

Cannot Print Files 

Files cannot be printed. Restrict printing of PDF files, html files, text files and more. It is also possible to copy protect a file, yet have it printable.

Block Print Screen

Copy Secure technology blocks print screen on Windows computers and screen grabs on Mac computers.

Time Expiration 
Expire files at specific date and time. Ideal for subscription based applications or school courses.
Windows and Mac Compatible  

Our technology is the only solution which works on both Mac and Windows computers. Minimum operating systems do apply.

Re-Use the Media

Content Owners may unlock and reset the Copy Secure flash drives. Flexible solution for changing content or idle inventory.

Optional Password Protection

SISCO provides the option of assigning a password to the device adding an additional layer of security.